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The Milanese fashion brand launches the luxury collection of perfumes with six new olfactive creations.

Conceived in 1989 as an “experimental laboratory”, Atelier Versace focuses on innovation and research in design, materials, and technology. The entire Haute Couture collection is created in Versace’s Milanese Atelier - starting from the aesthetic research and visionary design to the hundreds of hours of meticulous workmanship by hand.

Atelier has always represented a celebration of the origins for Versace. The relentless pursuit of only the highest quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship has been translated into the creation of a line of exclusive fragrances in collaboration with EuroItalia, bearing the Atelier Versace name. The new luxury fragrance line consists of six scents, ranging from floral, to woody, to spicy and oriental.

Encens Suprême presents a mystical journey where the incense burns naturally. The scent starts with a smoky accord where coriander, associated to the clean aspect of cashmere wood, embraces with the imperial character of African incense and the depth of Spanish cistus.

Standing out for its dry woody notes, Iris d’Élite is exalted by a sparkling touch of spice that highlights the scent’s powdery feel. Italian tradition’s most noble flower, the iris, exudes sumptuousness – delicate petals get their warmth from a fusion with tonka beans and musky amber tones.

Safran Royal is the unique interpretation of the rare and precious character of the most expensive spice in the world – saffron. The spicy scent is refreshed with bittersweet Moroccan wormwood, leading to an enriching mix of leather and amber olfactory notes. Indian cypriol, Indonesian patchouli and Spanish cistus add a unique touch to the fragrance.

Full of bright contrasts, Gingembre Pétillant is a dark sparkling fragrance. The luminous red ginger from Laos is complemented with the heart made of white blooms. This perfume is uplifted with a praline accord intensified by warm vanilla. The four fragrances were designed by master perfumier Jordi Fernandez, who draws inspiration from the intricacies of Middle Eastern traditional scents.

A sublimation of tobacco absolute, the Tabac Imperial is enriched with the gourmand facets of Provence honey and the amber tones of benzoin. Everlasting absolute adds an unmistakable aromatic shade. Refined and elegant woods, patchouli and cypriol, enhance the depth and character of the perfume. The rich fragrance was envisioned by perfumer Marie Salamagne, with an aim to embody the brand’s artistry and craftsmanship.

Fleur de Maté is a concentration of magnetic energy of the darkest and most mysterious woods. Atlas cedarwood was blended with patchouli and cypriol, in a celebration of Earth and nature. Maté absolute underlines deep and intense aspects of the fragrance, characterized by smoky and leathery tones. The balsamic facets of cistus envelope precious notes of incense. The scent’s creator is Olivier Cresp, a genuine and intuitive perfumer. Evoking the sartorial savoir-faire of the Atelier, the perfumes are kept in entirely hand-made packaging. These intense scents boast sleek black bottles. Created by an innovative twisting technique, the glass is enriched with the name of the fragrance written in a gold tone. Handcrafted metal caps boast a three-dimensional Medusa motif. Sculptural bottles are packed into paper boxes embellished by a gold-tone Greek Key border painted by hand. The boxes reveal a mirror that feature the Atelier Versace logo painted in a gold tone. The luxury fragrances embody the Atelier’s absolute dedication to excellence, encompassing a studious approach to exceptional quality components, innovative techniques, handcraftsmanship, and the distinct Atelier Versace aesthetic.

Atelier Versace fragrances are available at;

  • Bloomingdale’s – Dubai Mall
  • Harvey Nichols – Mall of the Emirates
  • Harvey Nichols – Riyadh, KSA
  • Harvey Nichols – Qatar
  • Harvey Nichols – Avenues, Kuwait
  • Versace Boutiques- UAE, KSA & Kuwait

Available in 100 ml only at 1,000 AED (+VAT) in respective countries.