Barbie Steps Outside Burj Khalifa: Is Dubai Becoming Barbie Land?

  • Vansh MalhotraAuthor: Vansh Malhotra Publish date: Monday، 31 July 2023 Last update: Wednesday، 09 August 2023
Barbie Steps Outside Burj Khalifa: Is Dubai Becoming Barbie Land?

Whenever we think of Dubai, images of skyscrapers, shopping complexes, artificial beaches, water parks, amusement parks, royal hotels, the bustling downtown and the vibrant nightlife flash. But has anyone ever visualized Barbie strolling out of her box in front of Burj Khalifa? Believe it or not, fantasy turns into reality with the introduction of Barbie from the West in the Middle East, which has become the limelight on the Internet and sprawling on all social media platforms. Due to the unique innovation led by Eye Studio (a boutique creative agency) in UAE, a giant 3D Barbie Doll Ad  gets successfully created in front of Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world). The viral videos become an eye-opener as we see Barbie step out from her trademark Mattel case and catwalk like a model in front of the public. The concept of Barbie is dwindling the line between imagination and reality as it becomes an identity of feminism and willpower globally. While many associate the Barbie Doll Ad as another marvel of Dubai’s wealthy creations, one cannot deny that this initiative has a deep connection between Barbie and the UAE people, as we shall see. 


The live scenario showcases the iconic Barbie doll stepping out elegantly from her attractive pink plastic case and posing in front of the Burj Khalifa. The doll wears a black and white striped jumpsuit and black heels, with her eyes adorned with white cat-eye sunglasses. This outfit is similar to one of the outfits portrayed in the latest Barbie movie and gains the audience’s applause. Her catwalk lasts around 12 seconds before she steps back into her box. The size of the doll is 2,716 feet tall as it looms high in the sky above all humans and competes with Burj Khalifa as its younger sister in reaching almost half of its height. Surprisingly, the Barbie Doll Ad results from designed visual technology, and it is hard to believe that the doll is an art of technology as it looks so real and lifelike.


 The Eye Studio team deserves a million praises for contributing to an outstanding achievement of CGI related to the Barbie Doll Ad by taking help from an iPhone video of the Burj Khalifa and superimposing the doll into it. It highlights the power of the human brain to create such amazing inventions by drawing inspiration from fictional characters that trigger these ideas into them. 


Many believe that launching the 3D Barbie Doll Ad would positively influence the UAE people and the Arab audience, which shares a deep history of patriarchy embedded in its roots since ancient times. As Barbie inspires the world about equality in society and promotes the notion of women matching the same heights as men, the advertisement of this concept in the Middle East could profoundly affect everyone. It may make people realize the inaccuracies of the stereotypes and prejudices formed against women. It could be the phase of enlightenment for orthodox minds and a challenge for a change in Arab culture.

On the contrary, critics debate that this venture by Eye Studio could be the beginning phase of controversy as it is attacking the Middle East’s deep-rooted cultural beliefs and traditions. Moreover, many also demean Barbie and consider her of low character due to her casual style of dressing in bikinis and passing smiles at everyone as she walks. There have been several conflicts regarding Barbie, and promoting this concept in the UAE may hurt or disturb the sentiments of some who view this character as opposing their cultural faith. Nevertheless, it is tough to say which side of the debaters wins the argument as coming to any conclusion at an early stage might prove to be egregious.


The Barbie Doll 3D Ad continues to be the talking source as it is an extraordinary creation. Although the latest Barbie movie got delayed in the UAE by 31st August 2023, this ad inspires the public to watch it when it gets released. Only time will tell how the UAE reacts to Barbie stepping outside Burj Khalifa. 

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