Dubai-Based Mountaineer Manal Rostom Receives her Own "Hijarbie"

  • Publish date: Friday، 28 July 2023
Dubai-Based Mountaineer Manal Rostom Receives her Own "Hijarbie"

Manal Rostom, a name known for challenging societal norms, has devolved as an advocate for women's empowerment. She is a pharmacist, fitness influencer, and a Nike running coach who continually uses her platform to inspire, motivate, and foster positive change.

In an admirable gesture recognizing her contributions to empowering hijab-wearing women worldwide, Dubai-based Egyptian, Manal Rostom, has gotten her own "Hijarbie". This amazing representation helps break down challenges for women, particularly those who choose to wear the hijab.


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The creation of her own Hijarbie - a hijab-wearing Barbie designed to represent Rostom's likeness - celebrates her impressive achievements. Her own journey as a hijabi athlete, her mountain-climbing adventures, and her commitment to changing stereotypes about women, especially those who wear a hijab, have made Rostom a role model for many.

Her Hijarbie not only adds to her growing list of achievements but also serves as a powerful symbol of representation for hijab-wearing girls and women around the world.

Manal Rostom's Hijarbie is indeed a small doll with a massive message. It tells a story of empowerment, and it reinforces the idea that every woman, hijabi or not, can reach for the stars, scale the highest mountains, and shape her own future.

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