Google Unveils New Barbie Movie Animation

  • Publish date: Thursday، 20 July 2023
Google Unveils New Barbie Movie Animation

Google has announced the release of a new animation for users looking for Barbie on its websites.

Back to 2019, marks the first time Google introduced animations which were during Google’s 21st-anniversary celebration.

The company developed a collection of interactive doodles that provided users with the opportunity to engage in gaming experiences and delve into the rich history of Google.

Since then, Google has continued to integrate animations into its website, bringing a new level of engagement and fun to the user experience.

Google's distinctive design is characterized by its charming illustrations and engaging interactive features, which have become the hallmark of Google’s design. These animations are not only made on the logo itself but also incorporate icons or buttons that users can interact with to initiate the animations on the web page.

The Barbie movie, starring Hollywood stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, will release across the world on July 20.

In the UAE, however, the Greta Gerwig-directed movie has been delayed to August 31st, as per the VOX Cinemas website.

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