Celebrate the World’s Top Drink Day

  • Publish date: Saturday، 21 May 2022 Last update: since a day
Celebrate the World’s Top Drink Day

Every year on May 21st, the world celebrates Tea Day, which has been a source of livelihood for millions of people over the years, especially in countries that have long suffered from poverty and hunger. Tea manufacturing came to solve a large part of these problems. On International Tea Day, all countries seek to spread the importance of the tea industry in an effort to improve the conditions of workers within this industry and empower them.

International Tea Day and United Nations Efforts

In light of the celebration of Tea Day, the United Nations calls on the Intergovernmental Group on Tea to direct greater efforts towards expanding demand, especially in tea-producing countries, as a contribution to raising per capita consumption in these countries. In addition, the United Nations also seeks to raise awareness of the importance of the tea industry in combating hunger and poverty.

How to Celebrate International Tea Day?

On this day, people usually drink their favorite cup of tea, whose flavors and types are varied to satisfy all tastes. Also, you will find a large number of people publishing posts about the history, manufacturing process, and herbal benefits of tea, as well as some delicious recipes that tea is used in, such as the popular Matcha dessert. If you are interested in publishing such posts, we advise you to add the hashtag #internationalteaday to get more views and contribute to raising the awareness of more people.

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