Charity: A Path to Happiness for the Giver and the Beneficiary

  • Publish date: Thursday، 25 August 2022
Charity: A Path to Happiness for the Giver and the Beneficiary

Far from being purely commercial, charity works come within the framework of feeling for others and refusing to leave the underprivileged suffering from poverty, and hunger without achieving tangible material profit. Rather, it enhances a sublime feeling within us and develops in us a love of giving, especially when we see a smile on the faces of the needy. Here in this article are the concept of charity work, its objectives and types, and how the UAE has worked to support it.

Charity Concept

Charity: A Path to Happiness for the Giver and the Beneficiary

It is the work that depends on not achieving any returns and providing some humanitarian services that are needed by some people who are in dire need, including the poor, the needy, women, and children who have been subjected to harsh conditions that made them lose their home or any of their rights.

Charity Objectives

Charity: A Path to Happiness for the Giver and the Beneficiary

Charity works contribute to the dissemination of solidarity among members of society. It also employs young energies and human capabilities and creates youth and society raised on giving and good values.

It also preserves the dignity of the poor and needy so that they do not have to ask people, where charity work fills the acetate of the needy, cares for the sick, supports the weak, and helps those who need to develop their economic or social capabilities.

Ways to Do Charity Work

There are various ways to do charity work, some of which you can do individually, and some that require you to cooperate with a private or governmental charity association in the UAE or wherever you reside.


Charity: A Path to Happiness for the Giver and the Beneficiary

A donation is known as a gift to the needy in order to draw closer to God. Usually, the spenders seek to give it secretly in order to please God without hypocrisy. Donations have a profound impact on the souls and work to spread the spirit of brotherhood and cooperation among members of society and enhance the values ​​of giving among them.

There are various forms of donation, one of which is the well-known charity of money, which is giving a certain amount of money to a needy person. Another form of donation is to place water cups in mosques or distribute them to people on the street or dig a water well in cut-off areas where people cannot drink clean and pure water.

Donations also include feeding food, which is distributing meals or their ingredients to poor people who do not find their daily food. Donation is not limited to that only, but also includes spending on educating students who are unable to pay their tuition fees, as well as participating in building homes, mosques, and others.

You can also provide in-kind and material assistance to one of the government charities in the UAE or wherever you reside, which are concerned with supervising cases and individuals who complain of poverty, hunger, and other problems.


Charity: A Path to Happiness for the Giver and the Beneficiary

Volunteering is known as providing assistance, and effort with the aim of achieving good for the community and its members. It has been called voluntary work because a person does it voluntarily based on his desire to give, help, and provide aid.

Just as volunteering benefits the beneficiaries, it is also of great benefit to the volunteers, as it is a way to broaden your circle of acquaintances, broaden your horizons, and best way to provide a sense of self-satisfaction.

As for the fields of volunteering, they are multiple and diversified, and therefore it is always advisable to choose the field you prefer in order to be able to continue to give correctly, and among these areas, helping people with special needs, participating in distributing aid to the poor, teaching students who are unable to attend schools and many others.

The UAE Supports Charity Works

In the context of the advancement of society and its members, the UAE has worked to establish a number of governmental charity organizations and institutions that provide support and assistance to the individuals concerned, including the Ministry of Community Development, the General Authority for Endowments and Islamic Affairs, the Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority and the Zakat Fund, in addition to many humanitarian institutions for women and children.

The UAE also allowed the establishment of charity societies within regulated conditions and rules, in addition to setting rules regulating fundraising activities so that the process would be carried out in a proper manner.

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