UAE, Saudi & Bahrain Ranked Happiest Arab Countries

  • Publish date: Thursday، 23 March 2023
UAE, Saudi & Bahrain Ranked Happiest Arab Countries

People are progressively coming to the conclusion that a nation's success should be determined by how happy its residents are. Every year on March 20th, the United Nations observes the International Day of Happiness to emphasize the significance of happiness in people's lives all around the world.

According to the World Happiness Report, which is based on data from the Gallup World Poll, the top three GCC countries with the highest happiness rankings are the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. The UAE, which is ranked number 26th in the world, is the happiest GCC country, followed by Saudi Arabia which is ranked number 30th on the list, and Bahrain ranked number 42nd.

The Nordic countries held the top three positions on a worldwide scale, with Finland, Denmark, and Iceland ranking as the world's happiest countries out of a total of almost 140 countries. Finland, which has 5.5 million residents, continues to maintain the top rank for the happiest country for the past 6 years.

The top 10 happiest nations are:

1. Finland

2. Denmark

3. Iceland

4. Israel

5. Netherlands

6. Sweden

7. Norway

8. Switzerland

9. Luxembourg

10. New Zealand

The 11th annual World Happiness Report is based on economic and social data as well as surveys of people's perceptions of their happiness. Social support, money, health, independence, kindness, and the lack of corruption are the six primary factors examined in the report to assess self-reported happiness levels throughout the world. Based on an average of data collected over a three-year period, it rates one's level of happiness on a scale of zero to ten.