All About COVID-19 Virus Booster Vaccine Shots

  • Publish date: Sunday، 16 May 2021 Last update: Sunday، 05 December 2021
All About COVID-19 Virus Booster Vaccine Shots

The Covid-19 pandemic is not over just yet as several vaccines are being offered to different countries around the world. In light of that, we were introduced to booster shots, or a third dose of the vaccine. Vaccine creators Moderna Inc and Pfizer Inc, with its German partner BioNTech, have been vocal in their view that the world will soon need Covid-19 booster shots to maintain high levels of immunity.

Several countries are preparing to give out a Covid-19 booster shot between six and 12 months after vaccination.

Bahrain has joined the list as it will begin to issue third Covid-19 vaccine doses six months after the second shot.

The United States, Israel and the UK are among other countries putting procedures in place to offer additional vaccines to protect against a possible winter wave.

Covid-19 vaccine makers have shown that their shots offer strong protection for at least six months. But immunity may vary. Older people, for example, or those with compromised immune systems, may need boosters earlier than younger people with more robust immune systems.

Albert Bourla, chief executive of Pfizer, said it is likely that people will need a third dose of the vaccine within a year.

Other vaccine manufacturers have not yet said when third shots will be needed.

But the protection offered by the Sinopharm shot, which Bahrain has mostly relied upon for its mass vaccination campaign, is believed to last four to six months.

A trial is under way in the UK into the effects of using different vaccines for the initial course, mixing the first two doses.

Image Source: WAM

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