UAE Health Spokesperson Warns About COVID-19 Vaccine Doses

  • Publish date: Monday، 28 June 2021
UAE Health Spokesperson Warns About COVID-19 Vaccine Doses

During the latest media briefing, the UAE health sector's spokesperson Dr Farida Al Hosani advised people not to take more than the "recommended doses" of the COVID-19 vaccine as it "contradicts medical opinion". Al Hosani added that it could expose people to undesired health complications. 

In Addition, taking two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine after being fully inoculated with Sinopharm's could pose a health risk, officials said.

The UAE's crisis and disaster agency said it was aware some residents had tried for two booster shots instead of one.

People who received the Sinopharm vaccine early on are eligible for a third shot, but some have sought to get a fourth for travel purposes.

"We note that some people may insist on taking more doses of the Covid19 vaccine than recommended, which contradicts the opinion of doctors, and which may expose them to unwanted health complications," the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority said on Sunday.

She said that booster shots, of any vaccine, taken six months since the second dose, will improve immunity, increase antibodies and protect senior citizens and people with chronic diseases from any complications.

Vaccines do no prevent infections completely and that’s why people have to follow safety protocols diligently.

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