Dubai: Here's What Will Get You AED100K Fine Under New Traffic Law

  • Publish date: Thursday، 06 July 2023
Dubai: Here's What Will Get You AED100K Fine Under New Traffic Law

To improve traffic safety and protect people's lives and property in the emirate, significant changes have been made to Dubai's vehicle impounding system. These amendments involve stricter penalties. Beginning on July 6th, a new traffic law will be in effect.

One of the worst traffic violations in Dubai that require a payment of Dh50,000 to get one's vehicle returned after being impounded is reckless driving or running a red light. The following violations, for which a vehicle has been impounded, require payment of a Dh50,000 fine to have it released:

  • Riding a motorcycle on paved roads.
  • Driving carelessly or in a way that puts people or property in danger.
  • Breaking a red light.
  • Driving a car with a phony, falsified, covered, or illegally applied license plate.
  • Deliberately hitting a police car or inflicting damage on it.
  • Driving a vehicle while under the age of 18.

Participating in a road race without prior police approval may result in a more serious fine of Dh100,000 and will prevent confiscated vehicles from being released.

In the meanwhile, the following offenses that result in a car being seized can only be released by paying Dh10,000:

  • Making significant changes to the vehicle that cause it to operate or be driven with increased speed, noise, or disruptions.
  • Hiding from the police.
  • Driving without a license plate on the vehicle.
  • A group of drivers who come together to watch races, take part in crazed after-race events, or display their vehicles on the road.
  • Exceeding the permitted tint percentage for a car's windows or illegally tinting the front windshield.

If the total traffic fines exceed Dh6,000, Dubai Police may also administratively impound a car. Once the owner has paid the issued traffic fines, the vehicle will be released from impound.

The owner of the impounded car will be required to pay Dh50 for each additional day that passes after the impoundment period ends if they do not pick up the vehicle after it has been impounded.

What are the conditions for the impounded vehicles to be released?

  • Complete payment of all fines owed on the vehicle as listed in the traffic file.
  • Rectification of the violation or removal of its causes.
  • Any other requirements specified by Dubai Police.

In addition to the fines and other sanctions outlined by the law currently in effect in Dubai, a non-UAE resident driving a heavy vehicle through a red light will also be administratively deported from the country.

If a vehicle is impounded again within a year of the same offense for which it was previously impounded, the initial impoundment period will be doubled, provided the impoundment duration does not exceed 90 days.

If the car is impounded again within a year after the initial incident of the same offense, the amount to be paid for its release will be doubled, provided that it does not exceed Dh200,000.

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