Sleeping Pods Are Now Available At Dubai Airports!

  • Publish date: Monday، 26 April 2021
Sleeping Pods Are Now Available At Dubai Airports!
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Travelling is not easy, whether it's an early morning flight or a transit flight, sometimes you just need your bed, pillow, rest and sleep. Therefore, Dubai Airports are now introducing sleeping pods for everyone, meaning, you do not need to fly Business Class.

Naps can change your day and so the sleeping pods also known as the ‘Sleep ‘n Fly’ lounge is available in Dubai’s Terminal 3, C-gate. You can have the sleeping pod for an hour or even overnight depending on your flight. This is a good offer without having to pay for the price of Business or first class. It is also flexible as you can choose your pod accordingly, whether you are traveling on your own or even with a group of friends.

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There are different sized pods and cabins to choose from. You got your Igloo and Flexisuite pods and the Yawn Double, Yawn Bunk, and Yawn Lite Cabins. No matter which you choose, privacy is a given.

The pods don’t have the beds that the cabins do, but of course have the cozy pillows and blankets. Also, cabins have amazingly comfortable mattresses, lush comforters, and soft pillows. You can be woken up to a hot or cold towel as an added bonus.

And so, you don’t need to pass through Dubai Immigration and Customs and don’t exit the terminal, simple head to the Sleep n’ Fly lounge. If you’re not in transit but still would appreciate the nap, just make sure your airline’s check-in and baggage drop counters will be open at your desired early check-in time. Emirates Airline, Qantas and flydubai operate 24/7 so that won’t be a problem.

You can book online prior to your flight if you know it will be a long flight or even if you just would like to rest.

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