Dubai to Welcome a New Multi-Million Mall in 2026

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 03 July 2024
Dubai to Welcome a New Multi-Million Mall in 2026

Dubai’s Sobha Hartland is set to welcome a new mall in 2026, with a hefty investment of over 210 million dirhams.

Community Hub with Modern Amenities

Spanning 339,000 square feet, the upcoming mall will cater to the diverse needs of Sobha Hartland residents. It will feature a supermarket, 35 retail outlets, a gym, play courts, and a children's soft play zone. Over 10 restaurants will offer a wide variety of cuisines, making it a perfect dining destination.

Embracing Sustainability

Sobha Realty has ensured that the mall is designed with sustainability in mind. Greenery and water features will be integrated throughout, and natural lighting will flood the space thanks to a skylight roof. 

Dubai to Welcome a New Multi-Million Mall in 2026

Unique Design Features

One standout feature of the mall will be the ‘vibrant bowl,’ a biophilic design element stretching from the basement to the roof. This area will include green walls, water features, and floating pods, creating a serene environment that supports plant growth.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Visitors can expect a modern experience with innovative technologies such as interactive displays, smart lighting systems, and digital wayfinding. These features are aimed at enhancing the overall visitor experience.

With its mix of nature, culture, and state-of-the-art amenities, the new mall in Sobha Hartland promises to be a unique addition to the community.

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