Emirates, IKEA, and Lulu Among UAE's Top Brands

  • Publish date: Thursday، 23 February 2023
Emirates, IKEA, and Lulu Among UAE's Top Brands

UAE’s top brands witnessed a huge transformation in their business strategies which led to enhancing their interactions and communications with their customers, especially after Covid-19. Emirates, IKEA, and Lulu Hypermarket are dominating a significant number of retail brands.

This is based on a report conducted by KPMG’s 2022 Customer Experience Excellence (CEE), which gathered feedback from over 89,000 customers on their experiences with brands in the UAE.

Emirates has maintained its position as the number one brand in terms of delivering exceptional service and engaging with customers, scoring high in all six CEE pillars. Emirates' end-to-end CX is well-executed, contributing to its top ranking. Similarly, IKEA secured a top spot in CX rankings due to its one-stop-shop concept, providing a diverse range of products, and its home delivery service that offers real-time updates on order status and progress.

During this time, several businesses have shown progress in their CX rankings, thanks to the availability of their stores, excellent customer service, and loyalty programs. By offering digital solutions and immersive guest experiences, including enhanced visual communication platforms that offer scheduling flexibility and professional video syncing capabilities, brands have earned a top ranking with consumers.

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