Etihad Rail Completes Connection to ICAD's Freight Terminal

  • Publish date: Saturday، 10 September 2022
Etihad Rail Completes Connection to ICAD's Freight Terminal

Etihad Rail has announced the successful completion of the connection between the railway freight terminal at the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD), which is the largest inland freight railway terminal in the country, and the UAE National Rail Network.

The new line extends from the borders of Saudi Arabia to the port of Fujairah, on the eastern coast, passing through key manufacturing hubs and urban centres.

Upon the completion of Stage Two of the UAE National Rail Network, Etihad Rail will provide logistics solutions from the railway terminal, which is located at the heart of the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi, burgeoning hub of industrial companies in the area.

Etihad Rail is constructing the largest inland railway freight terminal in the UAE in ICAD, spanning just over 2.7 million square feet, the new railway freight terminal at will comprise over 22 buildings and major structures to support operations, processing up to nine trains each day.

When fully operational, the ICAD railway freight terminal will foster a more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable transportation capacity, and process over 15 million tonnes of loose raw materials, 1.5 tonnes of general cargo, and around 116,600 20-foot shipping containers annually.

Stage Two of the GCC’s railway network will integrate the nation’s ports, manufacturing hubs, and urban centres.

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