EU to Digitalize Schengen Visa: Gulf Residents Can Soon Apply Online

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 15 November 2023
EU to Digitalize Schengen Visa: Gulf Residents Can Soon Apply Online

In a significant move to modernize travel procedures, the European Union (EU) is set to introduce a digitalized Schengen visa application process, allowing residents of the Gulf region to apply conveniently online. The decision, adopted by the Council of the European Union on November 13, eliminates the need for consulate visits and physical visa stickers on passports.

The new online platform, to be developed for Schengen visa applications, will enable travelers to input necessary information, upload digital copies of travel documents, and make visa payments effortlessly.

 Spain's Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, emphasized that this technological shift aims to simplify the application process for travelers while enhancing the efficiency of national administrations.

Three key updates accompany this transformation: applicants can now complete the entire visa process online, excluding first-time applicants and those requiring biometric updates. Additionally, the traditional visa sticker on passports will be replaced with a digitally issued visa in a 2D barcode format, reducing security risks associated with counterfeit and stolen stickers.

The EU expects these changes to come into effect once the regulations are signed, promising a quicker, more accessible, and secure process for Gulf residents seeking Schengen visas.

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