FERRARI WORLD ABU DHABI: The Universal Studios of the Middle East

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FERRARI WORLD ABU DHABI: The Universal Studios of the Middle East

The Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, UAE, should be nicknamed the Universal Studios of the Middle East as it represents the themes of luxury and wealth pertaining to Arabian culture. Just like Universal Studios in the West displays the identity of the Western traditions through the ideas of Hollywood characters and cartoons constructing the primary attractions of the park, similarly, the Ferrari World  signifies the grandeur and affluent lifestyle of the Arabs by revolving on the theme of one of the most expensive car brands in the world, the Ferrari. Seeing this artistic park’s design that resembles the Ferrari logo’s shape is a wonder. With most of the park being indoors, it features thrilling roller coaster rides, simulation Ferrari rides, fun games, and the possibility of driving a real Ferrari accompanied by a trained Ferrari instructor. However, one of the most priceless jewels of this park draws visitors globally to its door, which is the world’s fastest roller coaster, Formula Rossa.


FERRARI WORLD ABU DHABI: The Universal Studios of the Middle East

Sitting on the fastest roller coaster in the world is an adventurous experience of a lifetime as it races you through the maze of heights with a maximum speed of 240 km/hr. Located at an altitude of 52 m, you would not even realize when you sit on the roller coaster how this ride attacks 1 minute 32 seconds by moving like lightning in the sky. When you can breathe normally and realize the adventure undertaken, the ride will be over, with all the staff applauding your courage. Being an outdoor roller-coaster, you could get incredible views of the UAE from the top only if you are brave enough to open your eyes once. Due to this ride’s extreme speed, riders wear safety goggles to protect them from airborne dust particles. Although this ride looks attractive to thrill-seekers, it may be risky for heart patients, pregnant women, or people suffering from anxiety. Do be careful of these conditions before choosing to ride.


FERRARI WORLD ABU DHABI: The Universal Studios of the Middle East

In contrast to the daring Formula Rossa, Viaggio In Italia is a relaxing family attraction in the form of a spectacular flying theater where you fly over the wonders of Italy by enduring all the lakes, rivers, snow-capped mountains, the melody of the European horses galloping in the valleys, and the wineries dangling in the distance. Being a multi-sensory simulator, this ride is a free alternative to experiencing Europe in the UAE as you sit and wait for it to rise like an enchanted broomstick into the Italian landscape. You might even fall into a peaceful light sleep in the atmosphere of the calming Italian music that plays when you soar over Italy, or you may start feeling romantic and getting reminded of fairy tales. Like the Shrek Simulation Ride in Universal Studios, Viaggio In Italy  Should not be missed while visiting the Ferrari World. 


FERRARI WORLD ABU DHABI: The Universal Studios of the Middle East

This character-themed ride is a marvel as you join Abu Dhabi’s mischievous mouse Benno in helping him succeed in one of the biggest race tournaments of his life. An exciting miniature Ferrari rides into the dark. Join the adventure to help your friend Benno assemble his car and then race through all the obstacles with the company of special effects and magical background daunting in this playful family ride. So be sure to ride this if you crave magical characters in theme parks.


FERRARI WORLD ABU DHABI: The Universal Studios of the Middle East

A visit to any amusement park is complete if you have the time to do some souvenir shopping and take a souvenir home with you. The Ferrari World Shop is the most prominent Ferrari retail space in Ferrari World, hosting a vast array of branded products and gifts ranging from miniature Ferrari toy cars for children in various colors to customized t-shirts, bottles, mugs, and accessories bearing the Ferrari logo. It even hosts jewelry and ornamental pieces. It is home to even delicious local Arab chocolates. Do grab something from this store and take some moments of the Ferrari World with you. 


The Ferrari World is an asset to the UAE, with everything from adrenaline hunters to children’s craving fiction and animation. It is a fantasy for all the Ferrari lovers who adore taking pictures in front of the logo-shaped design of the park. Do dive into the Universal Studios of the Middle East because, just like the West, it is unique and different.

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