Etihad Airways to Hire 1,000 Cabin Crew

  • Publish date: Monday، 04 October 2021
Etihad Airways to Hire 1,000 Cabin Crew

Etihad Airways announced its looking to hire 1,000 cabin crew as recruitment will take place across 10 cities in the Middle East and Europe, including Egypt, Lebanon, Russia, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.

Interested candidates can also apply online, while former employees, who were laid off due to the pandemic, can do so through the airline’s alumni programme.

Captain Jihad Matta, Head of Crew Performance and Support, Etihad Airway said "The last 18 months have been incredibly difficult, however, there is much to be positive about as travel restrictions ease and we ramp up operations to meet growing demand. A critical part of this is rebuilding our cabin crew team.”

“We hope to attract diverse, talented men and women globally, to inspire and help them kick-start a tremendous career opportunity and life experience in the UAE,” adds Matta.

Those selected will be trained in Abu Dhabi at Zayed Campus, which includes all aspects of cabin safety and service delivery.

Here are the dates of the inerview:

  • Abu Dhabi: October 11
  • Cairo: October 11
  • Athens: November 8
  • Milan: November 9
  • Beirut: October 17 – 18
  • Amsterdam: November 15
  • Casablanca: October 26
  • Abu Dhabi: November 15
  • Kiev: November 2
  • Alexandria: November 22
  • Barcelona: November 2
  • Beirut: November 22
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