Influencers’ strategies in Summer

  • Publish date: Monday، 13 May 2019 Last update: Thursday، 25 February 2021
Influencers’ strategies in Summer

 Summer is almost there. Influencer should be ready and prepare some “out of the box” ideas for their followers in this special season of the year, as fun and excitement are on the way. Travelling, beach, adventures and much more are waiting everyone in this special season. The question is: What are some good strategies influencers can implement during this season to make it unforgettable one? Here is the answer.

1- Instagram posts and stories: One of the best, most effective strategies to be used because many people use Instagram and also, it is the home of thousands of influencers. The interaction there is authentic and genuine, as people choose freely to do so. In that way, you can easily know how much are people interacting and are interested in what you are doing. Instagram posts and stories make your followers feel that they are up-to-date with your daily activities in summer, plus being on the spot with its perfect and latest trends, such as trips, adventures, travels, food and much more. 

2- Host an event: A perfect idea at this time of the year. Host an exciting event that is filled with fun activities, food and beverages, and invite your followers to attend. In this event, you will be also introducing the company or brand that you are marketing or running the event for, especially if it has offers. Do not forget to mention its importance for people in Summer, as this is the main purpose of the event. This brand could be about an airline company, a hotel or a restaurant. Try to host events on regular basis, as this helps in connecting with your followers, knowing what interests them, and let them connect with the brand. This leads to brand awareness, especially if it is one they did not use before.

3- Giveaways: People might be interested in such items, especially if they are given by a special person. Try to arrange a meet and greet with your followers, and give them at the end valuable items that have a summer theme and also remind them with you. Giveaways can be anything people use in their vacation in summer, such as books, an iPad or a “summer box” that has creams and sun blocks. This helps in getting in touch with your followers in a more personal setting and also breaking the wall between you and them by giving such gift.

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