Cyclone Remal: At least 44 Killed in North-East India

  • Publish date: Thursday، 30 May 2024 Last update: Tuesday، 04 June 2024
Cyclone Remal: At least 44 Killed in North-East India

At least 44 individuals have been killed in northeast India after Cyclone Remal made landfall in the region on Sunday, May 26.

Cyclone Remal passed through India's Sagar Island in the eastern state of West Bengal and Khepupara in southern Bangladesh.

Four individuals were killed in Manipur, India, which has been hit by the worst floods in almost a decade. 

Authorities have launched rescue operations to rescue people from high-risk areas. 

Other than Manipur, Assam has also been hit by flood-like situations and landslides in eight districts, which have disrupted the lives of about 41,000 people, according to the Assam State Disaster Management Authority.

Assam government also reported the death of four individuals because of the heavy rain this week. 

Four people died in Nagaland, while two died in Meghalaya, where more than 100 individuals were injured. 

Exactly 30 people were killed in the landslides at a stone quarry in Aizawl, Mizoram on Tuesday, May 28. 

These incidents have brought the death toll to 44 in the region. 

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