Google Helped Support UAE's Economy with AED11.3 Billion

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 24 May 2022
Google Helped Support UAE's Economy with AED11.3 Billion

The Google Impact Report revealed that Google helped support UAE's economic activity in 2021 with an estimated Dh11.3 billion.

The report has also showed that it supported 50,000 jobs in the UAE. Google commissioned independent consultancy, Public First, to explore how Google products helped people, businesses, and workers in the UAE throughout 2021.

Around 85% of people used Google Search to learn a new skill and that 67%  used it to look for a job. Every month, an average of 1.8 million women use Google Search to look for a new job. In addition, 82% parents, with children under the age of 12, used YouTube Kids to learn something new.

Google’s Impact Report showed that 39 per cent of businesses reported an increase of customers coming from online search or search advertising in the last two years.

App Developers receive 70 per cent of any income they earn through the Google Play Store, and in addition to direct revenue many other developers also receive a significant income from contract work developing apps for businesses and brands.

In October 2020, Google announced a $13 million fund to help one million people and businesses in the Middle East and North Africa learn advanced digital skills and grow their businesses by the end of 2021. 

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