Sheikh Hamdan Announces AI Competition With AED 1M Prize

  • Publish date: Monday، 06 November 2023
Sheikh Hamdan Announces AI Competition With AED 1M Prize

The Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed has announced the Global Prompt Engineering Championship for May 2024 with a one million dirhams prize. 

The championship will be organized in partnership with the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF), of which Sheikh Hamdan is Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and the Dubai Center for Artificial Intelligence. 

The championship will take place at the Museum of the Future and it will include three categories: literature, art, and coding. 

The Global Prompt Engineering Championship will help make Dubai a leading destination for talent and a platform for the city's Generative AI startups. 

Sheikh Hamdan has emphasized Dubai's commitment to contributing to the positive impact of sustainable technological advancement and nurturing an exceptional programming community. 

People who want to apply to the championship can do so here.

The challenge will run for two days. The first day will focus on selecting the top 30 prompt engineering programmers who will compete in the final phase on the second day of the challenge. 

Participating programmers will be divided into five groups, each will compete in three categories: literature, art, and coding. 

Completed projects will be assessed by a specialized committee based on speed, quality, and accuracy. 

Winners in the three categories will receive a total prize of one million dirhams!

Image source: @HamdanMohammed X page

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