Most important strategies brands should take during Ramadan

  • Publish date: Monday، 13 May 2019 Last update: Thursday، 25 February 2021
Most important strategies brands should take during Ramadan

Ramadan is a significant month for brands to start a new plan to communicate with their audience. But remember: it is Ramadan. Most people will be fasting in this month, so brands; especially the food ones should remember that posting have to start after Al Maghrib prayer until before Al Fajr, which is the time of breaking the fast. But the question, what are the most important strategies brands should take into consideration during Ramadan? Here is the answer for your future reference.

1- Invite influencers and bloggers: They are a trusted voice for many people, even if they have a small following cap. Invite them to iftar or suhoor gathering. They will for sure mention their experience to their followers and talk about the best food places around. They are also ready to answer all your inquiries.

2- Social media ads: People need to be updated about brands, especially those that are on big sales and people use them a lot in Ramadan. Nothing can grab their attention more than a short, informative video or a well-designed and informative poster.

3- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Ramadan is the month of making everyone feels the same; it is all about bringing people together. Be sure to express this meaning in what you are doing. Give back the money to the needy and poor people. In short, give back to the community rather than gaining extra money.

4- Togetherness: Bring people together in this month. Invite your audience to iftar or suhoor, and encourage them to get their family and friends. Organize events that embrace the values of this month.

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