Abu Dhabi Announces New Bus Routes and Fares

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 28 February 2024
Abu Dhabi Announces New Bus Routes and Fares

Abu Dhabi has announced new bus fares and new bus routes for its public transportation system. 

New Bus Fares

Abu Dhabi Announces New Bus Routes and Fares

The standard bus fare will be AED 2 for boarding and the passenger will be charged an additional five fils for each kilometer.

Bus boarding passes that are valid for seven days will now cost AED 30, while a 30-day pass will cost AED 95.

New Bus Routes

Abu Dhabi Announces New Bus Routes and Fares

Abu Dhabi's Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) will integrate all city-wide and suburban bus routes into its system from Wednesday, Feb. 28.

The ITC will also expand its network to include city and suburban areas in Al Ain and Al Dhafra besides Abu Dhabi. 

Other New Regulations

The sales for the tickets operating under the previous system were stopped on Feb. 27.

Although passengers who have bus passes from before this date can still use them, these passes will not be valid for travel in suburban areas.

Under the new system, passengers can switch between buses without paying an additional boarding fee for a maximum of two transfers, within 60 minutes of the last tapout. 

The new system still mandates tapping the Halifat cards when boarding and leaving the bus. If passengers do not do so, they will have to pay fines.

Low-income Emirati families who are part of social support programmes of the Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority or the Ministry of Community Development will get subsidized public transport passes. 

For these families, a seven-day pass will cost AED 30, while the thirty-day pass will cost AED 80.

No changes in regulations have been made for the free annual passes for seniors, people of determination, with a plus one, and student annual passes, at AED 500.

Public transportation remains free for children under the age of ten. 

Image source: @AbuDhabiLife X page

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