Dubai Introduces 4 Easy Ways to Pay RTA Parking Fees

  • Publish date: Thursday، 01 June 2023
Dubai Introduces 4 Easy Ways to Pay RTA Parking Fees

The Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently implemented a significant move to improve the ease of paying parking fees. By setting up more than 17,500 new signs in parking areas throughout the city, the authority aims to offer crucial information to drivers regarding public parking charges, service hours, and available payment methods.

According to Osama Al Safi, the director of the Parking, Traffic, and Roads Agency, these signs have clear nighttime visibility and feature four QR codes for different payment methods, along with the zone code. This enhancement simplifies the process for parking users to make direct payments using various channels.

“The QR codes encompass a special reader for downloading RTA's app and another for payment through the WhatsApp app, where the customer is directed to the payment service via WhatsApp. The system then initiates an interactive chat with the customer to enter the vehicle details and the parking period, after which the customer will receive a confirmation message,” said Al Safi.

The signs offer QR codes that allow iPhone users to make payments through App Clips using Apple Pay, without the need to download an app or specify the parking zone. Additionally, the signs display a QR code for payment via SMS, in which the user does not need a data package.

“There is also an option to generate an SMS after entering vehicle information and selecting the number of hours,” said Al Safi.

This service provides the flexibility of selecting previously registered vehicles instead of entering the information again. The RTA emphasized the importance of displaying signboards with payment options for public parking, as recent statistics indicate that more than 80 percent of their customers prefer to pay for services through mobile phones and smart tablets.

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