No More Allergies With LG Puri-Care … A Full-On Product Review

  • Publish date: Thursday، 14 October 2021 Last update: Tuesday، 19 October 2021
No More Allergies With LG Puri-Care … A Full-On Product Review
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Many of us suffer from horrendous allergies that keep us coughing day and night, sometimes the fine dust and allergens in the air make it very difficult for us to breathe well and without any irritations, and with this industrialized age, it is even harder to maintain a healthy level of clean air around us all day long, This is where LG Puri-Care comes in hand, a full-fledged machine designed by LG to make the air you breathe is fresh as possible capturing all harmful particles and filtering it off your home. 

We gave LG puri-care a full review of trying this product to its’ maximum abilities in Uaemoments, and today we shall give you a full summary of our findings, so stay seated and read more as we were amazed by this product from LG. 

The best air quality inside your home 

With LG puri-care you will breathe high-quality clean and fresh air inside your house every single day of the year! As the LG Puri-Care silently absorbs every single dirty or harmful particle as well as gases from the air, so no worries about where you have installed it inside your house, it works in 360º as its’ beautiful round design allows so you can breathe well everywhere in your house. 

lg puri care

Clean Air to the furthest corners with a clean booster 

Another function that makes LG puri-care special is that it has fans installed within, so it rotates to deliver clean air to the furthest end corner of the room even up to 7.5 m distance! All of that is to ensure that you will breathe fresh air no matter what. 

Powerful filtration in 6-steps 

LG Puricare powerful filtration goes through 6 steps to ensure that you get top-caliber air and that goes through multiple steps, removing the largest dust particles to the smallest ones as tested for pollution removal performance tested by LG Internal Lab & KIMM, Korea institute of machinery and materials Prod. 

lg puri care filter 

Smart Sensor that senses the pollution level 

LG puri-care comes equipped with a smart sensor pm 1.0 and gas sensor that can sense the pollution levels in the air with lights displaying different colors that indicate the levels of pollution inside the air, with red displaying the highest pollution and green displaying the lowest, but worry not as LG PuriCare senses the level of pollution and adjusts the settings automatically for healthier air. 

Connect with PuriCare no matter where you were 

Stay connected with LG ThinQ™ app as you can check the levels of pollution anytime and anywhere from your phone, as well as you can turn on your PuriCare before arriving home in order to ensure that you will breathe the freshest and healthiest air ever before you even reach your home. 

During Summer Time, get rid of all pollutants and allergy causes using LG PuriCare for better breathing and healthier air all around you, you can visit LG main website in UAE for more information and read the top reviews for LG Puricare