Optical Illusion Mystery Revealed

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 07 June 2022
Optical Illusion Mystery Revealed

Focus on the picture, is the black hole growing? This new optical illusion has the potential to fool most brains, according to new research from Norway. Optical illusions may be ignored by many as children's play, but according to many researchers and scientists, these illusions are of great benefit to understanding visual systems better. Researchers note that this image deceives the human mind so much that it triggers a dilated reflex in 86% of people who see it! This reflex lets in more light, just as it would if someone moved into a dark area.

The study authors explored a large variety of holes and other potential colors besides black: blue, cyan, green, purple, red, yellow, and white. The team demonstrated several variations of the wide aperture illusion on a screen for 50 people with normal vision (male and female), with each participant being asked to rate their subjective perception of the illusion.

Why do some people not see the illusion? The optical illusion was more effective with a black hole. However, 14% of the participants still did not see any phantom expansion when the hole was black. Researchers have concluded that the eye adapts to perceived and even imagined light, not just physical energy. Future studies could reveal other types of physiological or physical changes that could shed light on how delusions function in more detail.

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