A Horrific Murder Shakes the Emirates

Sharjah Police Reveals its Circumstances in Record Time

  • Publish date: Sunday، 26 June 2022
A Horrific Murder Shakes the Emirates

Sharjah Police managed to uncover the mystery of a murder, in which a twenty-year-old Arab woman was killed, whose body was found in her car in one of the areas, and the perpetrator was arrested within (120) minutes of receiving the report.

The details of the incident, according to Sharjah Police, are due to the receipt of a report from a woman in the operating room at exactly (03:15) Friday evening, stating that her daughter was kidnapped by a person known to them, and there are previous disputes, in one of the parking lots of her residence in Sharjah, and by inspecting the cameras at the scene, it was found that the person attacked her in her vehicle, stabbed her several times, and ran away in the victim's car, while she was with him in the vehicle.

They indicated that the victim's body was found in her vehicle. By searching, investigating, and collecting evidence, the police contributed to accurately locating the perpetrator after he fled from it, where he was found on a beach hiding from the hands of justice.

Sharjah Police continued: "The perpetrator was arrested in a record time that did not exceed 120 minutes, and he indicated that, by interrogating him, he confessed to killing the victim, due to personal differences, and a case against the perpetrator was registered and transferred to the Public Prosecution."

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