Painting Simple Moments Of Life Through Product Design:-

An Innovative Creation By Simrita Arora

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Painting Simple Moments Of Life Through Product Design:-

Painting simple moments of life through product design is an innovative motto initiated by Simrita Arora, an aspiring and creative product design student from Pearl College in New Delhi, India. In today’s generation, no one can deny that product designing is becoming an integral part of our lives with rising competition, technological advancements, and investment opportunities growing in Asia and the Middle East. The scope for product design is vast as innovation leads to succession in the ambitious society we are a part of today. Following the above example, Simrita becomes an inspiration as she utilises product design towards mindfulness and takes time to observe life through the lens of a child who knows how to perceive beauty in nature. She becomes highly motivated in sketching product designs by deriving passion from the flora and fauna around her surroundings. She believes connecting product design with nature would help her achieve gratitude and appreciation as she takes time outdoors to capture the essence of the environment with her hands. 


Painting Simple Moments Of Life Through Product Design:-

The above is a painting created by Simrita, which expresses the innocence and joy of a honey bee who gets tantalised and drawn towards the fragrance of dripping honey. While most of us may consider it an environmental portrait, Simrita’s perceptions are different and may evoke us to believe in a new way. Simrita describes her inspiration for drawing this painting by expressing her connection with mindful walking in nature.

She affirms, “Taking a stroll in the neighbourhood park is my daily routine. And during one of my walks I accidentally became aware of a honey bee flying beside me. I did not even know how it happened, but my senses diverted towards this honey bee who was trying to grab the dripping honey from a nearby honeycomb. Somehow, it fascinated me. I did not want to walk anymore. I just sat down and observed the honey bee striving towards its goal. An inner voice inside me told me I must capture this scene. Being a Product Design student, I quickly took out my sketchbook and drew a rough sketch of the scene. I went home and spent the remainder of the day perfecting my sketch until it became a painting. For me, it is not just a painting, it is the spirit of life imprisoned inside a paper.”


Painting Simple Moments Of Life Through Product Design:-

Simrita Arora started associating her painting as a metaphor for life because she visualises the honey bee as a human being attracted by his goals. In contrast, the dripping honey is the sweetness we crave when working hard. Simrita imagines herself in place of the honey bee who wants to taste happiness. She gets conscious that others may see and judge her, but when she thinks of the honey bee, she becomes positive as she realises that no one is least interested in observing their surroundings. The honey bee does not care for anyone; its main target is the honey. No one walking in the park seems to notice it, which Simrita displays in her painting. She enlightens an ideal image of youth who are mindful of the little joys in their life while being carefree and not becoming conscious of others around them. 


Painting Simple Moments Of Life Through Product Design:-

Simrita Arora holds a vision for product designing as she successfully uses her painting to customise products with its design like t-shirts, cups, sweatshirts, jackets and other accessories. While the rest of the world is hunting recklessly for ideas by enduring imaginary stress, Simrita realises that designs can be found naturally if one becomes mindful of their surroundings and takes a moment to appreciate life. Simrita continues to work hard through her campaign of painting simple moments through product design. This article reflects on her visionary goals and innovation for taking a different approach to life.

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