RTA Launches #WhosYourCabbie Campaign

  • Publish date: Monday، 19 April 2021
RTA Launches #WhosYourCabbie Campaign

RTA launches a campaign like no other, where it allows to offer a sense of identity to its taxi drivers. Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has released a campaign called #WhoseYourCabbie in a bid to bring a name to the drivers behind the wheels of taxis here in Dubai.

We often get in a taxi and not know the name of who is driving us to wherever we want, we might or might not converse with them, but we do definitely say hello, and goodbye!

This initiative is to offer appreciation and honoring the person who is driving us and so the RTA has changed the name on top of some taxis in Dubai to identify the person behind the wheel, making it easier to converse with them, giving them a sense of identity.

RTA said the campaign is dedicated to Dubai’s taxi drivers. “To the heroes who are with us in every journey, the heroes who kept #Dubai moving in the toughest times, and the heroes who add life to our streets every day; we’re proud of you, we know you, and we appreciate all that you do #WhosYourCabbie,” the RTA tweeted on Thursday.

RTA said, “Think about the people you meet every day, you always end up asking their names.” And this is the reason behind the campaign. What was once an impersonal taxi ride, can now become a journey shared by passengers and drivers. When inside the taxi and they talk about weather, food and Dubai; passengers need not ask but they will know who they are talking to.

Image Source: The National

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