Images: What has Katrina Kaif done to her face?

Katrina Kaif has been recently subjected to a lot of trolls/hate for her recent looks. Check out the images below and know why.

  • Publish date: Thursday، 03 November 2022 Last update: Saturday، 05 November 2022
Images: What has Katrina Kaif done to her face?

Katrina Kaif, the female superstar of Bollywood, has recently been a lot in the news not only for her upcoming Film Phonebooth but also for her recent looks. Netizens can't understand why she would go for such extreme plastic surgery.

Celebrities are constantly the center of attraction where everything they do is observed by the crowd. It can get overwhelming for them to constantly get judged by the viewers which could then lead to insecurities. As viewers, we should make efforts and make things a little easy for the celebrities who have been working hard to entertain us. At the same time, millions of people follow these celebrities and what they do. Promoting natural beauty and confidence in growing old naturally will help young fans of celebrities to understand and normalize natural beauty rather than opting to go under the knife.

Check out her recent pictures below.

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