Up to A AED400,000 Fine If You Promote This Content to Children

  • Publish date: Thursday، 20 May 2021
Up to A AED400,000 Fine If You Promote This Content to Children

According to the UAE Federal Public Prosecution, a fine of no less than AED 100,000 and not exceeding AED 400,000 will be issued to those who promote explicit content to children.

The public prosecution clarified that offenders will also be imprisoned for a period not less than a year and It is also prohibited to encourage behaviours that violate morals and public order.

This comes after it tweeted, according to Federal Law No. (3) of 2016 concerning child rights known as Wadeema's Law, "it shall be prohibited to publish, display, circulate, possess or produce any visual, audio, video or printed works or games for children that address the child's sexual instincts or adorn the behaviours that are contrary to the order and morals or that would encourage abnormal behavior."

The UAE's Child Protection Law No 3 also known as the Wadeema Law came into effect back in 2016.

The law was named Wadeema in the memory of an eight-year-old Emirati girl who died after she was brutally tortured by her father and another suspect in 2012.

The 12-page document lays out legal rights to protect minors in the UAE from birth to puberty from all forms of abuse including verbal, physical, and psychological.

Image Credit: Unsplash

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