Student Protestors Response to US Universities' Letters

Universities sent warning letters to student protestors and this is how the students responded.

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 01 May 2024
Student Protestors Response to US Universities' Letters

US universities like Columbia University and Harvard University sent pro-Palestinian student protestors warning letters but instead of conceding to the administration, this is what students did. 



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Columbia University's administration gave student protestors waivers to sign, which said that the protestor would end their encampments or they would face mass suspension. 

One of the students responded by writing over the waivers, "I ain't reading all that! Free Palestine!"

Student Protestors Response to US Universities' Letters

Image source: @LandPalestine. 

Harvard University's administration also handed disciplinary slips to pro-Palestinian student protestors, who responded with slips on their own. 

Student Protestors Response to US Universities' Letters

Image source: @HarvxrdPSC. 

The student protestors' slips read, "Day 204 of the genocide. 34,454 murdered to date.
There are no remaining universities in Gaza. The genocide of Palestinians is far more disruptive to education than anything Harvard students have done, but about this violence the University is completely silent."

The slips also read, "In fact, the University remains materially invested in the occupation and genocide. Repeated violations of our moral duty to liberation will result in increased disruption. Universities that remain complicit in genocide may not be granted peace."

The student protestors are calling for the US universities to divest investments from Israel because of which the student protests across university campuses continue. 

Columbia University's administration called in the NYPD on Tuesday, Apr. 30 to clear student protestors from an academic building on campus. Protestors gathered outside of the university grounds to call for the police to leave the student protestors alone.

Nonetheless, the police forces still entered the campus and arrested an unknown number of students. 

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