The Best Online Lolita Fashion Shops, A New Fashion Trend

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 15 September 2021 Last update: Wednesday، 17 November 2021
The Best Online Lolita Fashion Shops, A New Fashion Trend

Lolita fashion is a famous clothing style that women like all across the world for its Graceful look and beauty. The style has Japanese origins with influences from Victorian clothing and the Rococo period’s styles. The radical sub-cultural fashion appeared during the 1980s, and since that, it has gone through the roof in terms of popularity, demand, and influence. 

What is Lolita Fashion ?  

sweet lolita fashion

The volume skirt that is almost always a feature of these clothes stands out in the Lolita dressing and often characterizes it. Skirts can be A-line shaped or bell-shaped.  

Mainly, the clothing pieces in Sweet Lolita fashion dresses include a blouse worn with a skirt. Often the skirt is created by wearing a petticoat or crinoline. These skirts cover women till their knees. In addition to these, usually knee or ankles socks are also worn by women to complement their Lolita dresses. Moreover, Tights can also be worn. Jumper skirts and one-piece (OP) are also included in Lolita dressing. 

It is entirely a choice of women for the footwear to choose what they want to put on. They can wear high heels, flat shoes, or long boots, to name a few. However, the most popular shoe style is tea party shoes.  

Why did people start wearing different types of lolita fashion ?  

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The moment a lady finds out the reason, logic, and image perception behind Lolita dressing, there liking for the fashion wear is expected to rise exponentially. Traditionally, as children grow up in Japan, they are expected to mature into their roles as men and women in Japanese society. What’s distinctive about the Lolita dressing is its child-like innocent look that stands apparat among other fashion styles.  

Often, the dress is associated with a carefree, child-like, innocent, and lovable outlook. Thus, it is just a way of relaxing oneself with a cute and comfortable look. Lolita is a dress that, despite its charms, fascination, and appeal, is worn to please one’s own self.  

Types of lolita fashion trending world-wide 

It is important to note that various sub-genres of Lolita dressing are distinct from each other because of their own unique reasons. These include the following: 

Punk Lolita fashion 

punk lolita fashion

Western Punk has influenced the Lolita dressing style, and the result of that is Punk Lolita fashion . Punk Lolita fashion can be composed of frilly skirts coupled with cutsews or a more delicate blouse with rougher skirts and then equipped to lighten the style with feminine accessories. 

Classic Lolita 

Classic Lolita is a mature version of the dressing style, emphasizing elegance and grace instead of cuteness. Generally, A-line skirt is the preference in Classic Lolita, with brown, wine red, sage green, and ivory being among the popular colors. The patterns and styles generally are much more subdued to give it the much-needed mature and elegant look. 

Sweet Lolita fashion 

Sweet Lolita fashion is the more popular form globally known with its flamboyant bright colors and joyous, dynamic look. Baby-pink, Yellow, light blue, and white are the more popular colors. Here accessories, makeups, and other additional wearables are preferred to add more life, energy, and playfulness to the dressing.  

Gothic Lolita fashion 

Gothic Lolita fashion is more of a combination of Gothic fashion and Lolita fashion styles. As one would expect, the cross leads to subtle Lolita dressing patterns with darker colors and shades. The goal as a whole remains to give the dressing a dramatic and full of mystery outlook. Accessories can be worn on an experimental basis with the Gothic Lolita fashion outfit . 

Old School Lolita fashion 

It is a more traditional Sweet Lolita fashion Dressing that resembles Lolita trends from the 90s.  
Old School Lolita often featured frumpy fabrics with petticoats and a full coord of Lolita Pieces. Even today, the old-school sweet Lolita fashion is worn especially by those who love the Vintage, Veteran look of clothes.  

Online lolita fashion shops 

The following list contains the names of renowned brands and producers of the lolita fashion trend, some of them do ship to UAE as well, a lot of them are online lolita fashion shops: 

  • Angelic Pretty 
  • Innocent World 
  • Juliette et Justine 
  • Mary Magdalene 
  • Atelier-Pierrot 
  • Metamorphose Temps de Fille 
  • Moi-Même-Moitié 
  • Baby, The Stars Shine Bright/ 
  • Alice and the Pirates 
  • Bodyline 
  • Victorian Maiden/Beth 

Since Lolita fashion has gone global, these brands and manufacturers also supply Lolita dresses in various parts of the world. 

Lolita fashion hairstyles differ from one style to the other, but they are usually very colorful and vibrent, if you were going for a pastel lolita fashion look then wearing light pink wigs or blue ones matches well with the paastel lolita fashion , as for gothic lolita fashion dress then black or very light blonde hair or even Deep red makes the best pick. 

So, the next time you see a Japanese lady flaunting her Lolita outlook, we expect that you will recognize her dress type immediately. If you are one of anime fans, there is a very strong possibility that you will get to witness this trend in the streets of UAE soon.
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