The Egyptians Did It!

A Campaign to Collect 40 Million Pounds to Save Ruqayya Has Succeeded

  • Publish date: Sunday، 26 June 2022
The Egyptians Did It!

The hashtag "Save Ruqayya's Life" is trending on social media. Ruqayya is a year and 11-month-old girl with spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic disease, and she has less than one month left to get treatment, as she needs the "most expensive" injection in the world at a cost of 40 million pounds (about two million and 135 thousand US dollars).

Many Egyptians appealed to collect the amount required to save Ruqayya’s life days before she lost any chance for treatment, as 10 million pounds were collected within 3 days, but the last hours of the campaign witnessed generous donations, which led to the collection of 45 million pounds, exceeding the target amount, where the father of the girl stated that they collected more than the required amount, saying: “We collected 45 million pounds, an increase of 5 million pounds,” noting that the additional amounts will be redirected to support other similar cases.

A number of social media activists drew attention to the contribution of the Liverpool star, the Egyptian player, Mohamed Salah, by paying 3 million pounds to participate in the treatment of Ruqayya, along with a large number of celebrities, content creators, and the general public.

Social media users circulated video clips of a festive scene in front of Ruqayya's house after collecting the required amount.

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