The UN and Kadim Al Sahir Release a Song About Palestine

  • Publish date: Monday، 27 November 2023
The UN and Kadim Al Sahir Release a Song About Palestine

Iraqi singer Kadim Al Sahir has collaborated with the United Nations and created a song about Palestine, which was released on Friday, Nov. 24.

The song is titled 'Hold Your Fire' and the song is a product of Al Sahir's collaboration with the UN Chamber Music Society.


'Hold Your Fire' is composed by Al Sahir and the lyrics were provided by British songwriter Tom Lowe. 

This song is one of the rare occasions that Al Sahir sings in English. 

The song emphasizes the importance of ending war and establishing a ceasefire.

Al Sahir's song highlights how children's childhood is lost because of war and lovers' chance of a happy relationship is gone when one of the lovers dies during the war. 

The lyrics shed light on the reality of the war in Gaza. 

Al Sahir made an announcement about the song at the Sharjah International Book Fair.

'Hold Your Fire' has received 358,000 views on YouTube and we hope it keeps receiving more listens for its message of peace!

Image source: Kadim Al Sahir YouTube channel

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