The Unified Arab Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Workshop

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 27 September 2022
The Unified Arab Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Workshop

The Jordan Breast Cancer Program and the Friends of Cancer Patients Association collaborated, with the participation of representatives of 10 of the 15 specialized associations in the fight against cancer from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Palestine, Morocco, Jordan, and Sudan, to prepare for the Unified Arab Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign for 2022, which will be launched in October within a workshop witnessed intense efforts from all parties.

Within this workshop, the concerned parties developed a plan for Arab coordination and cooperation, which included the selection of initial slogans that summarize the general direction of the unified awareness campaign for 2022.

The workshop also included several sessions that dealt with pivotal topics related to breast cancer, its prevention, and raising community awareness about it.

This workshop represented an opportunity to plan how to make the campaign more effective and contribute to raising awareness, changing behaviors, and pushing women and men together to periodically undergo early detection screening for breast cancer.

The workshop also invited the participants to put forward their suggestions to effectively contribute to the success of this year's unified awareness campaign.

By continuing the awareness campaigns related to breast cancer, the participants hope to make reality as rosy as the slogan raised by the annual campaigns.

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