UAE: Top Emirati Influencers You Should Follow

  • Publish date: Thursday، 21 July 2022 Last update: Saturday، 19 August 2023
UAE: Top Emirati Influencers  You Should Follow

Social media offers aesthetically engaging content for the feed, quick-to-share content in the form of Stories, and short-form movies in Reels. It is the perfect platform for well-known content creators because of these features. Dubai is a large metropolis full of fascinating places to visit and things to do. As a result, it's no surprise that the emirate is home to a diverse group of local and international content creators.

These UAE influencers are a great example of the talented and inspiring young Emirati youth who are bringing positive change to their community and paving a new path for everyone else. The 6 Emirati influencers you must follow are listed below:

1. Rashed Alnuaimi 

Emirati native Rashed Al Nuaimi grew up dreaming of a career in music. He has continued to pursue this dream and now incorporates music into his everyday life in any manner he can to maintain his passion. His early years were spent listening to Broadway musical scores and vocalists like Whitney Houston.


A post shared by Rashed Alnuaimi (@r__a__n)

2- Zahra Lari

Zahra Lari, an Emirati figure skater, was the first athlete from the Middle East and United Arab Emirates to compete worldwide. Lari has won five Emirati National Championships and defied the odds to excel in triple leaps, spins, and technique to the greatest possible level. She did this through hard work, enthusiasm, and extensive training.


A post shared by Zahra Lari ???? (@zahralari)

3. Amal Murad

Amal Murad, the first female parkour competitor from the United Arab Emirates, defied the norm in a sport that men have always controlled. She was the first to coach and take part in freerunning or parkour. She encourages persistence, self-enrichment, and acceptance of oneself with her friendly and welcoming approach.


A post shared by Amal ?? (@leap.of.hope)

4. Khalid al Ameri

Khalid is an Emirati content producer who narrates stories that unite people from all over the world. He makes work that is culturally appropriate for a global audience.

5. Bader Najeeb Al Awadhi 

Emirati cook Bader Najeeb Al Awadhi, 20, is a self-taught cook. He developed a passion for baking when he was around 14 or 15. It all began when he made the decision to help his mother in the kitchen as she baked cakes and pastries for friends and family.

6. Abdulaziz Baz 

One of the biggest social media stars in the Middle East is comedian and model Abdulaziz Baz, aka Bin Baz (or just Baz), who was born in Dubai. He has more than 5 million Instagram followers and is well known for releasing short, funny videos that parody life in the Emirates.


A post shared by Abdulaziz (@bin_baz)

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