Social Media Day: Top Women Content Creators in The Region

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 30 June 2021 Last update: Sunday، 06 March 2022
Social Media Day: Top  Women Content Creators in The Region

Social media is on the rise. With everyone longing to be an influencer, content creation is now a job! However, it is a very competitive field. Different social media influencers and personalities upload their content daily and content varies from one influencer to another. Here is a list of the leading content creators in the industry.

Karen Wazen

Karen is more than just an influencer, she is a mother, entrepreneur, and as we know an influencer alongside running her own eyewear company. She is Lebanese based in Dubai.

Rhea Jacobs

Rhea’s content focuses on beauty as she has inspired women. She has also been an ambassador for Marc Jacobs Beauty.

Dima Al Sheikhly

Dima shows her true authentic self from showcasing her horse-riding hobby to her behind the scenes. She has also collaborated with big brands in the region ranging from Fendi, Laura Mercier, Charlotte Tilbury, and Dior.

Ola Farahat

With over one million followers on social media, is consistently seen in the latest trends, adding her own personal flair to every outfit. With pictures from her travels to showing her audience how she styles her looks.

Rania Fawaz

Rania is known for her sense of fashion, from colorful ensembles embodying streetwear aesthetics to more monochrome sophisticated outfits, there’s nothing she can’t pull off.

Salama Mohamed

Salam embraces her journey of self-love as she shares everything from stories showcasing her manage to few minute skit pieces as she’s constantly innovating with new pieces of content as shares her individual experience while showing Emirati culture through her platform.

Image Source: Instagram ; @raniafawazz

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