Top 10 Youtubers In GCC Who Create Top-Tier Content

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 01 March 2022 Last update: Wednesday، 09 March 2022
Top 10 Youtubers In GCC Who Create Top-Tier Content

If you ask people in the past what is your dream job? Most would reply "Doctor or Engineer," but for the majority of GenZ, being a full-time paid YouTuber is the dream, creating content at your convenience, having a considerable influence, and filming content, as well as sponsoring different brands' products, what more does one want? Of course, the revenue and flexibility are all theirs since they are their boss, but do you know GCC's most popular YouTubers or content creators? From Dubai to the heart of Saudi Arabia, today we introduce you to the kings of youtube in the GCC. 

Top 10 Youtubers In GCC 

Who do you think the top content creator channel is? Beauty, education, adventure games, or kids content? read more to learn more:

  1. Shfa 

One cannot start without mentioning the most followed youtube channel not only in GCC but in the entire middle-east Shfa an Emirati YouTuber for kids channel, That creates entertaining content for kids in the Arabic language, Shfa has got multiple channels that translates her videos in various languages, such as Indian, French, and even Korean, she also vlogs her daily life with her mother sometimes, and has got a famous TikTok and Instagram channels, Shfa stands as the Queen of youtube for 2022 in GCC.

  • Shfa youtube subscribers: 34.7 million subs.


Noor Stars was born in 1997 and is the 2nd top on our list of most famous YouTubers in GCC; born in Iraq, she, later on, moved to the USA, Noor does entertaining content on youtube and covers things like her own lifestyle, makeup, trending videos, and does a lot of vlogs about her life, Noor stars is a name that everyone knows.

  •  NOOR STARS youtube subscribers: 19 million subs.

  1. Narins Beauty 

Narins Beauty is a beauty influencer and content creator that has a lot of following on her Chanel; Narin was born in Syria but later on moved to Sweden with her parents and started her youtube career only when she was 14 years old; Narin vlogs her life, creates beauty related content and even made a song on her channel once.

  1. Mo Vlogs

Mo Vlogs is a famous youtube channel with over 11 million subs; Mo creates gaming videos and vlogs, as he lives in Dubai, UAE; he also featured famous YouTuber Lana Rose before, who is also one of the most famous content creators.

  • Mo Vlogs youtube subscribers: 11 million subs.

  1. Hayla TV

Hayla Tv, better known as Hayla Ghazal, is a famous YouTuber and celebrity star, she is the owner of Hayla Ghazal, and she is the owner of Hayla Couture, which started back in 2013 and rose to stardom.

  • Hayla TV youtube subscribers: 9.16M 

  6. Ahmad Aburob

Ahmad Aburob is one of the most known YouTubers in the middle east, with many viral videos known for his personality and humor. One of his videos, Ahmad Aburob, is from UAE, and he studied photographs.

  • Ahmad Aburob youtube subscribers: 5.11M 

  7. Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty is the most famous makeup brand currently with a billion-dollar company running this industry, from foundations to powders and lipsticks, as well as the favorite Huda beauty eyeshadow palettes; Huda Qattan, An Iraqi blogger that turned her blog into a billion-dollar company, is one of the most famous success stories on the internet, this famous youtube toured the world with her makeup brand and is currently valued as one of the wealthiest YouTubers, and content creators ever.

  •  Huda Beauty youtube subscribers: 4.13M subscribers 

  8. Money Kicks

Rashed Belhasa, AKA money kicks is more than just a Youtuber; he is a multi-millionaire and a friend of many celebrities; Rihanna is one of them, being labeled as one of the wealthiest kids in Dubai, a lot of superstars visited his mansion in Dubai while visiting UAE, Money kicks is undoubtedly an influencing sensation of money.

  • Money Kicks Youtube subscribers: 3.31M subscribers. 


Lana Rose is a famous Emirati Youtuber who has got viral videos of her makeup, affluent lifestyle, fashion, and vlogs; she is also prominent on Instagram; she started by posting with Mo Vlogs and later rose as a youtube star on her own.

  • LANA ROSE Youtube subscribers: 2.45M subscribers 

 10. Ahmed AL Nasheet

While he might not have the highest number of subs, he is an actual content creator, Ahmad AKA DVLzgame, is one of the first Arab gaming creators; not only that he is one of the first to reach 100,000,000 views in the middle east, he also hosted Tv shows on MBC, Bahrain, Action ya Eyal and Driven.

Ahmad also did voiceovers for Disney, Marvel, and others; he is also one of the faces for FIFA and Star Wars in the middle east; he also became the first Arab host of a Netflix original show, "Let's talk Jinn."

  • Ahmed AL Nasheet Youtube subscribers: 1.28M  subscribers 

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