UAE: Launching ERRA To Protect Content Creators

  • Publish date: Monday، 07 March 2022
UAE: Launching ERRA To Protect Content Creators

The UAE has just launched the ERRA,, which stands for Emirates Reprographic rights management association, an association built for the protection of copyrights for all content creators and the rights of all authors and publishers.

What is the ERRA protecting?

Emirates Reprographic rights management association will monitor all the usage of print and digital works in schools and universities, copy and print centers as well as public libraries.

The launching ceremony for this service was held in Sharjah by Bodour Al Qasimi which we quote “We are proud to launch the pioneering ERRA, a first-of-its kind initiative in the region that bolsters the position and role of the UAE in stimulating and encouraging creative industries as a fundamental pillar of the modern economy. The launch also reflects the growing dependence on intangible assets or intellectual capital as exemplified by the rapid expansion of the cultural and creative industries in the UAE’s digital economy.”

The ERRA has got the WIPO and IFRRO as their brand identity launching up the first association to protect all copyrights to content creators in UAE.

Who is the ERRA board?

The ERRA current board are the following members:

  • Dr. Alyazia Khalifa.
  • Dr. Afra Atiq.
  • Majd Al Shehhi.
  • Dr Abdel Rahman Al Muaini.
  • Ali Bin Hatem.
  • Saleha Obaid.

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