Dubai PodFest Announces Date and Agenda in November

  • Publish date: Saturday، 19 November 2022
Dubai PodFest Announces Date and Agenda in November

Dubai PodFest, the region’s leading event dedicated to podcasting, unveiled the agenda of the second edition of the event on 21 November.


The Future of Podcasting in the Region

The opening session of Dubai PodFest titled ‘The Future of Podcasting in the Region’ will explore the current state of the region’s podcasting industry and its future prospects. 

PodFest Chat

A session titled ‘PodFest Chat’ will address the top challenges currently facing audio content creators and the rising popularity of podcasts in the region. The session will also discuss how Arab podcasters can develop impactful content that engages audiences.

Voice and Video in the World of Podcasts

Another panel discussion titled ‘Voice and Video in the World of Podcasts’, is expected to generate insights on the advantages of merging audio with video, a technique used by many podcasters. The session will also touch on the various complementary elements that can make a podcast more compelling.

Podcast: Achieving Financial Sustainability

In another session titled ‘Podcast: Achieving Financial Sustainability’, speakers will share their perspectives on funding. The session will explore how podcasters can secure funding to ensure their podcasts are financially sustainable.

Rapidly Changing World of Podcasts

A session titled ‘Rapidly Changing World of Podcasts’ will discuss ways of growing a podcast audience. Speakers will share examples and advice on how to expand audience reach in the Arab world.

Podcasting: A Growing Medium for News

Dubai PodFest 2022 will also feature a panel discussion titled ‘Podcasting: A Growing Medium for News’, which will bring together experts from the media industry to share their insights about creating content for podcasts versus TV. The session will discuss why news organisations are opting to launch their own podcast to supplement news broadcasts.

You can find out more about the schedule here.