Why Do Some People Get Covid-19 After 2 Vaccine Shots?

  • Publish date: Thursday، 06 January 2022
Why Do Some People Get Covid-19 After 2 Vaccine Shots?

Some people get a breakthrough infection even after getting two doses of the Covid-19 vaccination, especially with Omicron. As a result, it has been labeled as the most contagious virus in the history of humanity. Although it is a weaker version of the Covid-19 virus, the high spreadability rate is dangerous. It could push the demand for ICU beds above the available capacity in many countries.

Why do people get Reinfections after vaccines?

The vaccines in the first place do not entirely block out the infection, it only reduces the probability highly, and it prevents severe illness from the virus, according to experts. 

  • Omicron Variant replicates more quickly than the previous ones, as studies suggest.
  • While most people have been vaccinated with two doses of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines or Senopharm, the vaccines cannot block the Omicron virus easily, they are less effective (around 80% efficiency) in blocking Omicron, this makes Reinfection rates higher; however, studies have shown that a booster shot does help.
  • 95% of the latest infections of Covid-19 all have been from the Omicron variant.
  • Scientists have previously warned that 15% of all new covid-19 infections could be reinfections because of the Omicron Variant, as several studies have shown that Reinfections are easier with the Omicron variant.

What to do if you were Reinfected with Covid-19?

Reinfections generally mean that a person got sick once, and then they became reinfected again after healing from the first time, but who is more likely to get reinfected, how often that would happen, and how severe those cases are? Also, what is the procedure after getting Covid-19 reinfection? We will discuss all of that below:

Again, who is more likely to get infected, and how often would that happen?

  • Omicron replicates about 70 folds faster than the Delta variant, so someone infected with Covid-19 before is 5.5 fold higher to be reinfected than with Delta.
  • If you take two doses of vaccine after three months, your protection rate against infection goes down about 30%-40%; however, with a booster Dose, you will have 75%-80% protection against illness or hospitalization because of Covid-19.

What to do if I have been reinfected with Covid-19?

Reinfected individuals with Covid-19 should take the necessary measurements like any person who have been infected with Covid-19 for the first time; it is the same. However, they should be very wary of harsher symptoms as reinfections could be dangerous in some cases, especially for those who were not vaccinated or have taken the vaccines a very long time ago with no booster shots.

According to the CDC, follow those instructions in case of Covid-19 infection: 

  • Stay home unless you need medical care, stay hydrated, and be in touch with your doctor to monitor the symptoms, but DO NOT LEAVE the house unless it is for medical care and the hospital.
  • Stay away from other people in the house, it is better to isolate yourself in a room and a separate bathroom, wear a mask if you need to be another person, Tell everyone who has been in contact with you within the last 48 hours so they would test themselves and monitor for symptoms.
  • Monitor your symptoms, such as fever, coughing, headaches, nausea, and other possible symptoms; however, you must know when to reach out for medical help:
  • Reach out for professional medical help in case of the following symptoms:
    • Extreme trouble in breathing.
    • Very persistent pain or pressure in the chest.
    • Confusion of things.
    • Not being able to wake up or stay awake.
    • Coloring your skin, such as pale or blue or gray colored skin, lips, or nail beds.
  • Call 911 and warn doctors before visiting that you have covid-19 in case you need medical help.
  • Follow the WHO full guidelines to ensure that you are as safe as possible.

infectino after covid-19 vaccination

Cases of covid-19 reinfection or new infection after covid-19 two shots of vaccines is not an impossible thing to happen, it is possible to get that to happen; however, it all depends on your response, we recommend that you do not panic, and to follow the health guidelines to get through covid-19 infection safely, and know that you are way safer with the vaccine than without it, visit us at Uaemoments and tune in the latest news of UAE.

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