How to Obtain the New Hajj Permit Through Al Hosn in UAE

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 05 July 2022
How to Obtain the New Hajj Permit Through Al Hosn in UAE

Al Hosn National Health System has launched an online Hajj permit service on Al Hosn App.

Al-Hosn System has clarified that an electronic Hajj permit is mandatory for any individual leaving the country for Hajj, even if he has received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and a booster shot.Al Hosn System has specified four mandatory steps for those willing to perform Hajj, and for the permit to be issued automatically on the Al-Hosn application.

  • A negative PCR test no later than (72 hours) before the date of travel;
  • Attaching certificates of obtaining the "meningitis" vaccine (compulsory),
  • Attaching the "seasonal influenza and pneumococcal" vaccines (optional) from one of the health centres approved by MoHAP, and health authorities;
  • "attaching a report on the medical condition of the person wishing to travel (fit) from the approved health authorities, and finally, attaching a travel permit for Hajj.

Al-Hosn System stated that the pilgrims who received COVID-19 full vaccination doses and its booster doses would obtain an electronic Hajj permit on the Al-Hosn app once the four steps are completed.

It has further indicated that the "electronic Hajj permit" will appear in grey if: (1) "the PCR test expires 72 hours before travel, (2) required vaccinations are not received, (3) the medical report is not obtained, or (4) if the Hajj travel approval is not obtained from the competent authorities," while the permit will appear in red if the result of the (PCR) test is positive.

According to the ministry, all optional and mandatory vaccinations for pilgrims have been made available at health centres in collaboration with other national health authorities.

The system urged people who have any inquiries or questions regarding the electronic Hajj permit to contact at 8004676, or via the e-mail info@alhosnapp.ae.

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