UAE: Launching the First Survey of Oral & Dental Diseases Next January

  • Publish date: Sunday، 04 December 2022
UAE: Launching the First Survey of Oral & Dental Diseases Next January

The Emirates Health Services Corporation, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Prevention, announced the launch of the first comprehensive national survey of oral and dental diseases, which is the first of its kind at the national and regional levels, with the aim of supporting survey studies and scientific research to identify the causes and pathological factors that lead to an integrated health system that adopts health and preventive strategies and services.

The national survey project, which will be launched next January, aims to conduct 4,000 medical examinations for both children and adults in various emirates of the country, and it will continue for six months to study the rate of tooth decay, gum disease, malocclusion, and oral cancer.

The survey also aims to create an integrated database that supports the development of national oral and dental health policies and proactive planning of health services, in addition to supporting national scientific research in the future, as well as spreading awareness among the target groups about preventive measures to reduce the risk of oral and dental diseases.

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