UAE: Dubai Police Appoints First Female Financial Systems Auditor

  • Publish date: Sunday، 27 August 2023
UAE: Dubai Police Appoints First Female Financial Systems Auditor

Captain Samaa Abdulraheem Safar, who is the Chief of Operational Audit Department for the Internal Audit Office, is a pioneer in her field as the first inspector of financial and administrative systems for Dubai Police's female military unit.

Financial and administrative auditing is a critical specialization that assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization's activities, operations, systems, and monitoring procedures. It ensures that administrative and financial systems are aligned with internal and global best practices.

Dr. Mashal Al Zaraouni, the director of the Dubai Police Internal Inspection Office, said that the Dubai Police general command is proud of the important role given to the female military unit. He added that the unit has proven its worth in all aspects and reflects the Dubai Police's support for Emirati women.

Captain Samaa said, "The tasks of auditing financial and administrative operating systems are specialised tasks that require a high level of administrative, financial and operational knowledge, as well as legal understanding and constant and direct view of policies and procedures applied locally and globally. This is to keep up with future expectations and visions in institutional work, and also requires multiple skills on a personal level to guarantee independence and accuracy in work."

Captain Samaa Abdulraheem Safar has a Bachelor's in Finance and a Master's in Business Administration from the American University of Sharjah. 

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