UAE Ranks 3rd Globally For Digital Government Services

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 15 June 2021
UAE Ranks 3rd Globally For Digital Government Services
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According to a new study released by Boston Consulting Group on Monday, the UAE government has been ranked third globally in terms of the provision of digital services and subsequent adoption.

The study showed that the level of satisfaction of digital government services in UAE is 73%, as compared to the 64% average of developed countries, and 58 per cent of developing countries.

Also, 61% of UAE respondents revealed that they use digital government once per week minimum, 14% above the global average.

“Covid-19 has caused mass disruption and uncertainties to citizens’ way of life, and pandemic-related tailwinds have showcased the critical nature of digital government services since the outbreak,” said Rami Riad Mourtada, partner and associate director, BCG.

The Emirati Dubai Health Authority app has catered to patient needs, covering a full suite of Covid-19-related services, including the vaccination rollout.

“Around 85 percent of GCC citizens reside in urban areas and regularly use digital government services,” said Dr. Lars Littig, managing director and partner, BCG.

The Digital Government Citizen Survey (DGCS) study – spanning 36 countries, 26 digital government services, and almost 25,000 individual responses.

Image Credit: Unsplash