UAE Ranks 1st for Women's Personal Safety

  • Publish date: Thursday، 04 November 2021
UAE Ranks 1st for Women's Personal Safety

The UAE holds the greatest percentage of women who feel safe in their communities worldwide according to a major study by Georgetown University.

The index plotted the percentage of women aged 15 and older who reported if they felt safe walking alone at night in the city or area in which they lived.

In the UAE, 98.5 percent reported feeling safe. That is the highest percentage worldwide.

Researchers said measuring this safety perception was critical to women’s mobility and influences their ability to look for opportunities outside of the home.

Dubai was recently ranked the fifth best city in the world in a new report, while Abu Dhabi was voted the third most relaxing city in the world in a Time Out global study.

Safest cities for women walking at night - Georgetown University Institute

1. UAE

2. Singapore

3. Turkmenistan

4. Norway

5. Qatar

6. Armenia

7. Tajikistan

8. Uzbekistan

9. Luxembourg

10. Slovenia

11. Austria

12. China

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