Iraqi Diver Breaks Underwater Wheelchair Record in Dubai

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 27 February 2024
Iraqi Diver Breaks Underwater Wheelchair Record in Dubai

Former Kuwaiti footballer Faisal Al Mosawi made a Guinness World Record for the fastest dive using an underwater wheelchair, clocking a time of 37 minutes for 400 metres at the Dubai Aquarium in Dubai Mall.

The former footballer broke the record in front of a large crowd who were watching in awe. 

When Al Mosawi broke the record, the crowd cheered and hooted loudly.  Al Mosawi shared the video on his Instagram page. 

What makes this achievement bigger is that it is Al Mosawi's third Guinness World Record. He broke two World Records in 2018 and 2022. 

In 2018, Al Mosawi made a Guinness World Record by becoming the fastest 10-kilometre scuba driver in the world with a time of five hours and 24 minutes. 

With this record, Al Mosawi broke the record that was set by a scuba diver with no disability. 

In 2022, he broke another record because he became the fastest snorkelling diver after travelling 1km in less than an hour in Maldives. 

Al Mosawi trained for four months to make the third Guinness World Record. 

He practised by swimming and diving for 400 meters during which he carried a 10-kilogram wheelchair or the same weight of diving equipment. 

All this hard work finally paid off when Al Mosawi finally made his third Guinness World Record in Dubai! 

Faisal Al Mosawi has become an inspiration for all!

Image source: @alm0sawii Instagram page

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