Watch: Dubai Police Officer Speaks Chinese To Help Tourist

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 03 August 2021 Last update: Saturday، 07 August 2021
Watch: Dubai Police Officer Speaks Chinese To Help Tourist
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In a video that sheds the light on the range of languages Dubai city’s officers can speak, a Mandarin-speaking Dubai Police helps a tourist who lost his belongings.

The visitor lost his phone and wallet when the officer converses with him in Mandarin saying "Dubai Police are always there for you" while directing him towards a police station in Bluewaters Island Area.

The officer converses with a visitor who has lost his phone and wallet, directing him towards an unnamed police station in the Bluewaters Island area.

Dubai Police had a dozen officers that had completed a Chinese-language course about 10 years ago, which they have added to in recent years.

In March, Abu Dhabi Police released a video with five officers, in turn, speaking in English, French, Urdu, Russian, and Mandarin.