What is Dubai for a Kerala woman?

  • Publish date: Sunday، 18 March 2018 Last update: Sunday، 05 December 2021
What is Dubai for a Kerala woman?

‘When are you going to Dubai? Why isn’t he taking you?’ Some of the common questions heard by a woman who has been married to an NRI.

I put an end to these questions with vamoose to the ultra-modern city among GCC, that is none other than Dubai.

Being a gypsy, I was excited as I could explore a new city. However, in four hours fly from Cochin, I fell into a wonderland. The land of dreams, innovations, and opportunities.

And, here are few things which stuck in my mind when I started living here.


In Kerala, it is almost impossible to see the vehicles move on road peacefully without making wreak havoc on others. But in Dubai, we can see people keep the road manners everywhere though the vehicle density is high. Huge amounts of fine would be the reason, but for good cause. Right?

What is Dubai for a Kerala woman?

Sorry Indian peeps, you will be disappointed if you expect the road circus here. You’ll never see the zig-zag journey of riders in Dubai. 


Dum Biriyani, dress up in vibrant colors with eye-catching jewelers and most importantly dance an ideal Kerala wedding. This was my Sunday partying. 

What is Dubai for a Kerala woman?

See how it got a twist into Thursday night parties. Dress up in black or bold color, minimal ornaments, and dance. And the major differences are you can dance in full swing, no ‘Namaste aunt or uncle’ scene. No interrogation from relatives. Sounds cool huh? 


Absolutely right. Dubai is a gastronomic destination. As a foodie, I was concerned about the food. 

But nothing to worry about food if you are here. You get a wide range of delightful cuisines from all over the world. Many enterprising restaurateurs from across the world have made Dubai their home. Ergo, you can find a wide diversity of ethnic dishes from Indian to Italian and from Middle Eastern to Malaysian.

What is Dubai for a Kerala woman?
Isn't it marvelous to taste the world under a single umbrella? I don't think that you can get a better place to delight your taste buds other than Dubai.


Yes, it is luxury for a woman to walk alone in my hometown after 8’O clock in the evening. In fact, it is a herculean task. Even if I try, I cannot flee from the usual staring. Sometimes itinerant people have asked me weird questions too.

It’s a conspicuous change which gratified my mind when I walked alone Dubai. If you are alone or with a guy nobody will stare at you. I started exploring the beauty of nights after coming here. Dubai is a city which does not put any restrictions on women’s desires. 

What is Dubai for a Kerala woman?

Kudos Dubai government to make the city safer place for women. Thanks for making wings strong and letting the women fly. All the women out there, what are you waiting for? Get ready for a Dubai trip. 

Initially, Dubai’s luxury shopping, modern architecture, lively nightlife scenes were the factors which excited me. Later I started discovering many things like hospitality, multi-cultural blending, equality and so on. I think this makes people become more flexible and broad-minded.  

I should say, Dubai is a magical city! A city which do wonders with lights. I wish the light should spiff up forever!
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